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The Nush Camp’s Alaska King Salmon Fishing Season starts mid-June and ends mid-July.

We only open the camp for five weeks each year to fish the world’s largest King Salmon run on the Nushagak River. The Nushagak River flows approximately 240 miles from its headwaters to Bristol Bay and is the fifth largest river in Alaska by volume of water discharged. The river has two primary tributaries-the Nuyakuk and Mulchatna Rivers. Large lakes drain into the Nuyakuk River, while only very small lakes or ponds drain into Mulchatna River and other Nushagak River tributaries. The lower Nushagak River flows over low gradients and often through multiple channels and around well-vegetated islands.

Nushagak king salmon spend approximately one year in freshwater as juveniles and one to five years in the ocean. About 98 percent return after two to four years in the ocean. Nushagak king salmon runs average over 100,000 fish in June and July.

You’ll enjoy five days of guided Alaska King salmon fishing from one of our custom aluminum Willie Predator boats. You’ll have all the comfort and safety you desire, with plenty of room for 4 to 6 anglers and gear. The seats may be first class, but don’t plan on using them too much. You’ll spend more time-fighting fish, taking photos and standing in awe of everything this amazing country has to offer.

Our guides are trained to cater to your every need, to respect and properly care for fish, and to make your day in the boat the absolute best.

With over twenty hours of good daylight in June and July, we also offer unlimited bank fishing anytime you’re in camp, as long as you stay close to your rod.

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