Nush Camp
Nush River Camp

All the essentials you’ll need for your time at the Nush River Camp

Nush River Camp is all inclusive. We will provide all your fishing gear, cook every meal, so you can pack light and still have everything you need for what will be the best fishing trip of your life. You do need to bring a sleeping bag, and other personal items listed below.

Alaska is a wild place and it’s imperative you bring clothing and other essentials to ensure your Alaska Fishing TripAll Inclusive is safe and comfortable.

Purchase your Alaska fishing license on-line.

FISHING GEAR: 100% supplied by us, the very best spinning gear.

TRAVEL GEAR: 1 large waterproof duffle bag, maximum weight when packed 50 pounds. Hard sided suitcase-type baggage doesn’t travel well in Alaska.

CLOTHING: Pants, polar tech/fleece. Light pants or shorts for sunny days. Heavy shirts, polar tech/fleece. Light shirts or T-shirts for sunny days. Extra warm socks. Lightweight long johns. Gloves. Slippers or loafers with all-weather soles for relaxing around camp. Short rubber boots for in the boat or a pair of breathable waders. A couple of hats and a cord to keep them from blowing out of the boat. A warm fleece hat for the chilly mornings on the water. A good pair of polarized sunglasses.

RAIN GEAR: Heavy duty rain pants, along with a jacket that has a good hood on it and sealed seams. Inexpensive & lightweight rain gear fails quickly in Alaska.

WADERS: If you plan to fish from the bank at the camp, a taller boot is handy for releasing the fish. If you bring waders, your boots must have lug type soles. The Nushagak has a sand/gravel & silt bottom.

SLEEPING BAG: We suggest you bring high quality 0° rated sleeping bag with a liner and a pillow.

PERSONAL ITEMS: A personal hygiene kit, towels, washcloths, shampoo and body wash. Insect repellent. Medicine, prescriptions, sunscreen, etc. Small flashlight and small pocket knife (Always comes in handy!) Favorite beverages and snacks.

DRY BAG/BOAT BAG: Bring a dry bag that will keep a few items dry when on the water.

CAMERAS: If possible, bring a water-resistant digital camera. Bring spare batteries. Also bring a good quality watertight bag for your gear in the boats.

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